Garden Structures


A good alternative for an outside seating or play area, which can be installed relatively quickly to cover old or damaged concrete.  It is quicker than re-laying paving slabs and can be stained in any colour to enhance your garden.  It will raise your exterior levels and keep your visitors off the damp and muddy ground and if your external doors open up into the garden, we can build your decking so that the levels are the same height as your internal floors, creating a smooth transition between the home and garden.  Being a natural product, decking is in complete sympathy with nature and the wood dries quickly after the rain.  We can install a balustrade, creating a natural divide to separate the lower level of the garden with wooden steps down onto the grass.


Pergolas have open slatted roofs and are normally used as a structure to train grapevines and climbing plants. They also add privacy where houses are overlooked and with the correct plants they can be a constant source of colour and change throughout the year. Reminiscent of the Mediterranean lifestyle, they are now becoming increasingly popular in the UK to sit under during balmy nights and bask in the aromas of fragrant plants.


Similar to pergolas, climbing plants and shrubs can be planted beside our arbours so that sitting beneath, you can breathe in their smell whilst sipping a cool drink. Because they are hand crafted, we will look at the area where you wish to site one and build to fit in the space, allowing for an area either side for planting.


If you are looking for panels that are not strictly to size, then give us a call and let us build bespoke panels with trellis if necessary to enhance your garden and secure your property.