Kids Areas

Tree houses

Every child’s dream is to have a home up high, away from the grownups and living amongst the wildlife.  All you need in your garden is a solid tree and we will build round this to create the ideal den.  Underneath the treehouse, we can install slides, swings, climbing ropes and tires; they will be the envy of all their friends.  These are truly unique, hand built designs.  Our experienced team of carpenters, create spectacular structures from the highest quality materials available, thereby creating an attractive and stunning focal point in your garden and providing a magical and enchanting room for the kids or a different way for you to entertain your friends.

Kids’ playrooms

Children love to play house from an early age.  This is an ideal learning experience and our playhouses can be one or two storeys high with individual rooms if necessary and fixed ladders to access the second floor.  Velux windows can be installed for extra light plus artificial lighting and heating so they can be used all year round.