Christmas is coming, but you can still order!

Once December comes around, people get into Christmas mode and any home improvements or DIY have to wait until next year. Customers assume because it’s cold outside, that it isn’t the right time to order a log cabin through us.

Don’t let the cold weather put you off buying a cabin

However, did you know that our current lead time is 6-8 weeks, which means you wouldn’t receive your cabin until January anyway.

Ordering anything other than Christmas presents at this time of year often seems unnecessary. This is not the case. Our cabins are affordable and it does not matter what time of year you order.

Many customers come to us with ideas, but don’t know truly what they want, until they have spoken to our sales team after their site survey.

This means that it can take a few weeks and sometimes up to a month, to even order their log cabin.

Many of our cabins are ordered and built in Winter

With this being said, it’s possible that you may not receive your cabin until February.

Therefore, if the Christmas period is putting your off from getting in touch, then don’t let it. We will work around you and if you’re not ready to order until the New year, then that’s fine by us!

Get in touch at:

T: 01784 656 203